Thursday, September 15, 2011

Power of serendipity

There really isn't just one way to use social media tools: there are many potential benefits and, like the shifting tides and weather patterns, you experience different things on different days.

Today, my 11:30 meeting in London got pushed back to late afternoon, leaving me free until my 2pm meeting.

From my public transport into the city I wrote a Tweet about it, with the hash-tag #bored.

By the time I'd arrived in town, just a few minutes later, I had a Tweet back from @patrickjpr who suggested that we meet for a coffee. Patrick runs a PR agency and is currently setting up and it was great to share some business start-up stories and begin to figure out how we might help each other succeed.

As an added bonus, he introduced me to #LikeMinds, a social co-working space designed to make physical connections from virtual conversations located in the heart of London’s West End. It's got WiFi, the ever-necessary power sockets, and a quiet, comfortable ambience where one can get business done, individually or in small meeting spaces. I may well join myself after such a positive experience.

And as a further added bonus, I briefly met a second Patrick Smith, this one the editor and chief analyst of He's a London-based journalist who has covered the changing nature of the media industry since 2005.

Much more use out of my hour or so of unexpected free time than wondering the streets of London, sitting in a park or taking in a museum or gallery ... and I got my phone charged at the same time ... and all down to a spontaneous Tweet and someone who took the trouble to notice and respond.
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