Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Name and shame?

Last week's post aboutBroken Promises prompted "j" to comment, suggesting that I "Name and Shame" the company that was holding us to ransom. Here's why I'm not going to do that, on this occasion:

  • The company holding us to ransom over the domain name transfer has now released it and the transfer is complete. We "only" lost a day.

  • It's not my place: the commercial arrangement was between that company and my company's client. Out client wouldn't want to be associated with the negative publicity at this time.

  • But, mostly, I'm only prepared to do the "Name and Shame" thing when all other avenues have failed; and when I am prepared to be named and associated with the action. It's too easy, otherwise, to throw stones from the relative anonymity of self-publishing ... And with no recourse or honest debate to ensure fair play.

So, my concern as always is to act with honesty and integrity and fairness. What I can say, though, is that the company we are moving to, Fasthosts, jumped to it with great speed, dedication and helpfulness. Which is reassuring now that the move has been made to, we hope, a better place.