Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Serving customers in best way possible = good business sense

Would you send your customers to another company?

It was really nice to have a positive reaction to a recent client proposal; but better still was the conversation with the European Managing Director who gave me the feedback. He took time out to emphasise his company's values and their focus on serving the customer base.

He told me that he encourages his colleagues, especially in marketing and sales, to understand that the company is all about serving, to the extent that they encourage customers to go to a competitor if they can get better value elsewhere. In this way, he believes that his team will outperform other companies and give such great service that customers keep coming back, and encourage others to become customers, too.

With tens of thousands of B2B customers and a customer retention rate in excess of 95% his company is doing lots of things right and I applaud them! I'm very much looking forward to the continued engagement...
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