Thursday, October 18, 2012

#WorkAnywhere - application building on the fly

Doh! Computers are literal things: they can't know that when I typed the field name 'Setails' I had really meant to call it 'Details' !!

A single typo meant that our app couldn't match its fields on the form with columns on SharePoint, so it failed exactly as intended (with a nice error message) to protect the central repository of data ...

  • The really nice thing is that I had got everything laid out, 
  • with data filled in, 
  • when suddenly I noticed that I'd forgotten to put the Submit button on the form (doh, again!). 
  • I simply opened up our Toolbox, 
  • added a Submit button and re-published the form; 
  • then I tried the submit of my data again, 
  • discovered why it had failed and corrected the Details field name, 
  • re-published, and submitted data successfully
... ALL without losing the data I had already filled into the form! That's actually pretty amazingly friendly for an end user! And 'publishing' the form is as simple as closing the Toolbox down - there's no extra step for the user to take :)
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