Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Permission to be sick

I freely admit that what most women dismiss as a mere cold has me, as a man, wanting to call in the air ambulance.

This morning I had to send the same email three times because I made a silly mistake on the first two attempts and I'm left feeling that I really shouldn't be left in charge of a keyboard today, still less encouraged to talk on the phone.

The technology means that I can work wherever and whenever I have an Internet connection; but there are times like today when it's best just to hide behind voice mail and ignore the buzz of incoming communications ... I have a feeling that I'll get well again faster and have fewer apologies to make for mistakes made under the influence of Paracetomol.

It's hard to switch off, and that's today's learning point, but it's important to do so, to give myself permission to be sick and time to recover.
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