Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Got iPad: Who needs paper?

I was wrong, and I'm very happy to admit it. For eighteen months I scoffed at the iPad, so much bigger and with less function than my beloved iPhone that is with me 24-7. Why would I want something bigger that does less?

Reason One: I don't need paper any more Yet again today I didn't bother taking a pad and paper along to a business meeting.

When I wanted to illustrate my point, I turned to Sketchbook Express which has a range of pens, colours, shapes, text and more...

I can use AirSketch or one of the whiteboard apps to project my drawings for others to see.

And I don't have to spend time hunting through, or lugging around, reams of paper. Everything I create remains on the iPad until I choose to delete it. And it is backed up without me having to make room to store a photocopy.