Friday, April 13, 2012

Skype 'Click to Call' privacy

I need to do some research: with the recent upgrades to Skype I've been invited to install their 'Click to Call' function. It means the phone numbers on the websites I browse become active buttons - pressing them dials the number so I can place a voice call, using Skype.
  • It'd be convenient, if that's a function I intended to make a lot of use of. Mostly I prefer text (email, Twitter, IM, etc) to voice
  • It's a great way for Skype to increase revenue - I'd soon burn through the Skype Credit for making calls and either have to buy more, or get a subscription
But, I wonder, does this Skype 'toolbar' function have an in-built 'phone home' facility so that Skype (and Microsoft/Bing who owns it) have the means to monitor which websites I'm browsing, and for how long I linger on each page?
Until I'm reassured about this, I won't be installing the toolbar: there are already so many ways people I don't care about can monitor my web browsing, I don't want voluntarily to add more, even though I don't visit any sites I'd be embarrassed about.
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