Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Progress: this week's problems are different

For years I've battled to get rid of problems. Now my attitude is different.

It's not realistic to try to remove problems, life is always full of challenges and outright difficulties. Instead, I'm trying to make sure that this week's problems are different from last week's. That way, there's a real measure of progress.

You see, if all I do is go round in circles trying to fix the same old problems then nothing much is being achieved, and it's costing a lot in the process.

But if I knock some problems on the head and move on to the ones that follow then great!

One of the best ways I see this working is when the problem of needing a customer gets solved with an order; then the problem becomes one of growing capacity to resource that order ... That can start off a virtuous spiral of activity through which growth occurs; but always with problems to solve on the way.
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