Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Got iPad: Who needs a laptop?

I was wrong, and I'm very happy to admit it. For eighteen months I scoffed at the iPad, so much bigger and with less function than my beloved iPhone that is with me 24-7. Why would I want something bigger that does less?

Reason Two: I've got long battery life.
Now I use the iPhone so much that I regularly have to charge it more than once during the day. I can't take a day's business trip without carrying the phone charger along, too. But at least it lasts longer than my PC laptop which barely lasts an hour of intensive work before needing to be plugged back into a socket somewhere.
The iPad (WiFi only, no 3G data on my version) happily runs all day on its overnight charge. Yesterday afternoon I started a long phone meeting, talking to one of my VOIP phone sessions on the iPad using a Bluetooth headset. It was 4pm and I still had 73% battery life, plenty of juice left for some evening games and catch-up TV viewing. 

Of course, some software just won't run on the iPad. I've solved that problem by using remote desktop software to access a virtual PC in the office. This way I can run all my Windows apps, almost as effectively as if I were sitting in front of a keyboard with a mouse.