Monday, January 17, 2011

Innovation in the job market

As ever, Rory Cellan-Jones from the BBC provides a useful summary of developments in the technology world. Today he's posted an item about some job seekers setting aside the printed CV or résumé and using 'new' technologies such as videos on YouTube.

Rory Cellan-Jones

hi-tech tricks for jobseekers - technology transforms recruitment industry

I liked what he had to say, but wanted to point out that there's a bigger potential than he noted: this whole web site is designed with more than merely a job hunt in mind. However, it helps to serve that purpose. Here are some of the features:
  • The domain name reinforces my personal name, and I use that domain for my email correspondence. The site's graphics banner is the same as the graphics on my printed business cards; and I pick up the graphics theme for my letterhead; and the printed copies of my CV, etc.
  • I've got a few videos, including a visual CV/résumé, as well as some short, serious pieces and some jokes at my expense that show some of the rest of my personality. And there's a link to my YouTube channel.
  • There are links to find my profile on LinkedIn and my tweets on Twitter. Visitors can download a PDF of my profile.
  • There's a big Skype button to show whether I'm online for a chat or a call right now; and visitors can enter an email address to subscribe to updates whenever I post a new blog entry. This is handled by Feedburner, which also provides an RSS feed for me.
  • The site links automatically to Twitter to send out a tweet whenever there's a new blog post; and there's that email digest that goes out at the end of a day if there's been a new blog entry.
  • Because I'm in the tech field, I use the .tel domain just to show that I know what it's about; although, frankly, it's not that useful. (Maybe that's the subject of another blog entry?)
  • I rank the popular posts over the last month; and there are lots of opportunities for people to share my thoughts through their own Facebook, Twitter or other pages.
And then, there are the statistics: it's encouraging to me to see a gentle, steady rise in readership; with a consistent base.

The bulk of the site is devoted to my blog posts where I try to write briefly, regularly and intelligently on some of the subjects that interest me. Most are somewhere in the intersection of technology and business; with some futurist predictions; and the occasional funny stuff to lighten the scene.

Thoughts? Reactions? How can I build or improve on this site? Drop me an email! Or comment here.