Thursday, February 14, 2013

My top iPad apps

I've been asked to write an article for a business publication on the use of iPads in business. As part of that I began reflecting on my top use for the iPad:
  • Top of the list has to be web surfing, along with email and calendars
  • Then there's Apple’s excellent software Pages (word processing), Numbers (spreadsheet) or Keynote (presentations).
  • Personally, I love to use a drawing app like SketchBookX instead of pen and paper: great for a ‘pencil sell’ and, with the iPad projected on to a screen, it’s better than flip chart or whiteboard!
  • Better still, with a bit of preparation, I can have all my documents as PDFs on the iPad, reducing the clutter I carry around to meetings.
But, these are all generic, basic workhorse apps, even if they are ones I use throughout each day.

As you'd expect, I firmly believe in the power of @StarfishCI to let users build iPad replacements for paper-based forms with the ease of drag and drop, sending their data to their own Microsoft SharePoint or similar database. 

It's innovations like this that can drive down costs and increase competitive edge; and steal a march on the competition.

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