Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#WorkAnywhere - How to protect privacy

It was fascinating to read a bit of a fellow passenger's report off their laptop screen in front of me on the train this morning. It was marked CONFIDENTIAL and, once I saw that, it took a real effort of will to tear my eyes away!

The technology frees us up to work pretty much anywhere, and we can get caught up into a multi-media engagement with work, or private, situations that are many miles way from our present location.

But as we concentrate on being an active participant in a conference call, and sometimes have to talk loudly to make a contribution over the background noise, it's vital to remember who else might be listening in.

Here are some of the principles I advise people to follow:

  • Be aware of who else can see your screen

  • Be conscious of who might be listening in

  • Be aware of your present surroundings, not just the remote situation you're trying to engage with

  • Be security conscious and keep valuable devices - and the data on them - physically secure, in your presence or locked down

  • Keep everything you can protected with passwords and remote-wipe capability