Thursday, October 11, 2012

#WorkAnywhere - What I did while travelling

First, let me stress: I am not driving! Instead, I am working while sitting on UK public transport to London.

  1. As we set out, I fired up the mobile WiFi thing and connected the MacBook Air to the Internet.

  2. I started with a Skype conversation from UK to a mobile phone of the chief software developer in the USA, getting a briefing on the latest software build.

  3. He sent the build over by email which I picked up on the MacBook; downloaded and installed over a sync cable to the iPad, all as we made our way through the early morning English Cotswold countryside.

  4. With the MacBook off and stowed, probably for the rest of the day, I played with new features of the iPad software; while keeping up an iMessage conversation and clearing a couple of customer emails.

  5. I used the new software release to build stuff for today's demo in London; and took a few screen shots to show off the latest to another customer, which I sent over straight away by email, before he'd got into his office for today.

  6. The software works and I was able to login to a customer SharePoint site remotely, while travelling, to confirm the data I'd just scanned and submitted had arrived. Success!

  7. Meanwhile, I got on with a few Tweets, emails, browsing (and, of course, writing this blog and scheduling to publish later)...

I've just glanced out of the window and realise we are making good progress. Maybe I've time to relax and listen to music or watch one of the movies that I've stored for moments like this when I've put in a good few hours of work, but its still early in the day and I'm making use of the otherwise dead travel time! Truly it feels like I can #WorkAnywhere

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  1. Now, after travel into London and a two hour meeting, I'm at lunch in Starbucks. Already I've dealt with messages and calls setting up a conference call for Monday; several emails under my belt as I traversed the London Underground network; and now, after a few hours' sleep, my American colleague is awake and chatting to me for an update, as the two women on the Starbucks table next to plan Christmas!