Thursday, October 4, 2012

Measuring information systems succeess

We've been approached by a university lecturer who wants to use what we're doing as the basis for a research dissertation project by a post-graduate MSc student! It'll be fun to engage with a more academic approach, but with both statistically quantifiable data and analysis gained from semi-structured interviews and surveys as part of the process.

So, I've been asked to put together a brief for potential MSc students to bid for their involvement in the project:

Our customers use iPad and Android phones and tablets for mobile data capture, business intelligence reporting and process improvements. They are looking to cut costs, increase revenue, strengthen relationships with customers and lock out competitors to gain strategic advantage ... 

In running this project you will demonstrate the effectiveness of this innovative approach to mobile information systems, displaying your valuable research, analysis and consulting skills.  You will establish the marketplace impact and the success of mobile information systems to improve overall system quality, information quality, use, user satisfaction and the impact on users and their organisations. To do this you will be confident in combining hard data-analysis skills with qualitative analysis derived for example from semi-structured interviews or surveys. Your output has the potential to be the first rigorous and independent assessment of the impact of tablet computer technology in the UK SME marketplace.

That's the first draft: let's see who we get wanting to run it!
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