Thursday, March 17, 2011

About.Me - Another opportunity for self-promotion

One of the issues many of us face in this age of multiple social networks lies in tying it all together.

There are so many ways of self-publishing on the Internet that it's becoming necessary to provide directories and splash pages to try to simplify things. About.Me is another opportunity to do this. And it's free of charge, at least for now.

It's not obvious how this will all unfold (.tel seemed like a great idea, but is probably more useful for businesses than for individuals, for example). But you should grab your preferred URL to enhance your 'personal brand' before anyone else does! e.g. Apart from anything else, doing this will help your personal search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, pushing you higher up the Google list!

It's such a simple service, basically a place-holder for you to enter your name and some brief bio information. Then you can link your space to your presence on Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and more ... And enter URLs to other spaces you want people to be able to connect to, like your .tel account.

About.Me already provides some basic statistical tracking, but in April 2011 they intend to integrate the much more powerful statistical tracking from