Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Facebook releasing home & phone details - Expect backlash

Why buy a paper shredder to protect against identity theft when sites such as Facebook will share your info? I've already committed "Facebook suicide" - see even more

The Huffington Post has reported that "Facebook will be moving forward with a controversial plan to give third-party developers and external websites the ability to access users' home addresses and cellphone numbers in the face of criticism from privacy experts, users, and even congressmen."

Facebook consistently erodes users' data privacy settings, for example by encouraging the sharing of limited information with friends, then changing privacy policy and settings to open up the information to a wider circle.

I'm already hearing anecdotal evidence that users are disengaging with Facebook: absolute numbers of users continue to rise, but there's a trend against posting updates, just reading what others have written. Social networks encourage a 'virtuous circle' of activity that sucks in users; but it doesn't take much for that circle to start spinning the other way and for users to become less active.

Expect users to safeguard their privacy and even to seek alternatives. There are already signs that some of the love affair with social networking is cooling.
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