Monday, March 21, 2011

Twitter firmly established in breaking news

Mike Schorah on TwitterI was travelling on public transport when I came across the first news of the Japanese Tsunami, via Twitter not the mainstream news media.

Around a week later I saw this:

 Earthquakes Tsunamis 
 by MikeSchorah
6.0 earthquake, Babuyan Islands region, Philippines. Mar 20 4:26pm at epicenter (15m ago, 111km NE of Laoag, depth 37km).
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Along with hundreds of others I did an immediate Retweet while the mainstream media is still focused on Libya and Japan with no mention at all of an event in the sea between the Philippines and Taiwan. Presumably it's not of much Western economic significance!

Twitter is confirmed as a mainstream piece of Internet infrastructure and the US Library of Congress archives every single public Twitter message. Amazing.
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