Friday, March 4, 2011

#LaptopFriday - not quite in pyjamas!

BBC News today is celebrating the rise in home working and global businesses apparently run by bright young things in pyjamas! The article points out that technology enables people to start up a business with few overheads and yet a global reach. "...people have realised that you don't really need offices - you just need talented people and thanks to technology you can connect people up."

It's not all plain sailing because businesses find that it's sometimes hard to keep everyone on the team 'in the loop.' That just means you have to work harder at communication, perhaps running a daily newsletter or conference call.

And being with other people is more stimulating, leading to better ideas. That's why, in Cheltenham, there are initiatives like #LaptopFriday and #cheltsocmedcafe to get people out of their home and experiencing some of the serendipity of traditional water-cooler conversations.

Of course, this blog post was written from the #LaptopFriday location, with the added benefit of loud gossip from the three mummies at the nearby table!
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