Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I committed "Facebook suicide"

  • Giving my personal details away so others can make money by advertising to me doesn't seem a good trade-off to me.
  • I found myself spending too much time trying to figure out the always-changing privacy options to make sure that I didn't accidentally share too much.
  • So much time and effort spent blocking FarmVille and other distractions. (Do they really have more than 1% of the world population on that thing?!)
  • I prefer spending time with people in the real world: meals out in restaurants, a glass of wine at a pavement cafe, a few guys meeting over a beer one evening every couple of weeks, strolling through the park or sitting in the shade and watching the world go by.
  • Some of the comments towards the end of Emma Justice's article struck a chord with me.
  • It's not that I subscribe to the conspiracy theories, but it does make you think!
  • All in all, there were just too many concerns to evaluate: my life is busy enough without having to keep on top of them!
Some tips on how to delete your Facebook account here and here.


  1. Interesting to come across this September post from the editor of Wired on his six reasons for avoiding Facebook.

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