Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to make cost savings

I got asked for more detail after yesterday's post on using cost justifications to support a business project. In this hard-pressed and competitive economy it's important to seek a positive return in months. 
For example, replacing paper forms and processes with electronic ones on iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets can give some real, measurable benefits:
  • Great savings in time as paper forms don’t have to be transcribed; no delays in processing, no lost forms and no errors in transcribing or mis-keying 
  • Staff can be unchained from desks and workstations and data submitted at once, straight into existing line of business systems 
  • Increased accountability as time and location can be recorded automatically, photos attached to documents etc 
  • There are competitive advantages in being seen to work efficiently and effectively with attractive technology like the iPad (rather than paper)

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