Thursday, May 9, 2013

Charity auctions - hitting the right note

One of the nicest people I know is having a 50th birthday party. He is refusing gifts, but is holding a charity auction and wants some things to sell.

I don't have much to offer and really don't want to come across as self-serving or self-promoting. But my company's expertise is in working with Microsoft SharePoint and helping to take it mobile on iPads. Some of the folk at the auction might just bid for that. (The last time I was at one of these we'd just moved into a new house and I placed the winning bid on a garden landscape design from someone building that as a business.)

So, how does this seem?
Cut your team's costs and go paperless with up to ten annual licenses for Microsoft SharePoint; go mobile with @StarfishCI to put on your iPads so you can replace paper-based forms and speed your business; along with two days of consulting to make it all work. List price from Microsoft and Starfish CI worth up to £2,800
Please give me some feedback, here or by contacting me directly. Thank you so much!
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