Friday, November 19, 2010


I often get asked what use is Twitter? There are many possible answers, and for some it's true that the jury is still out, despite the hype!

But in addition to the usual marketing- and sales-related answers, I find that Twitter helps me learn stuff I didn't know I wanted to know. More often than not the info comes in useful.

In a meeting yesterday I described Twitter as the electronic equivalent of a lot of people standing on a street corner shouting their thoughts out loud. For me, the trick is to filter out the noise and be selective about following those I think I'll learn from. Here's an example.

Alex Raymond
Plan to counterfeit money on a laser printer? Probably a bad idea.

Now the key here for me is that I know @AlexRaymond personally; and, for the life of me I couldn't think why he'd got an interest in counterfeit money! His wry comment, "Probably a bad idea" seemed too obvious ... So I clicked the link he provided and found there's some sneaky technology that apparently prints near-invisible dots on laser printer/copier pages so the device a document came from can be identified.

That's ingenious. It's interesting. I didn't know it. I'd never even considered using my laser printer to counterfeit stuff.

But I did find myself re-telling the info in a client meeting. We were exploring novel ways to deploy technology and my new additional knowledge enhanced my credibility and standing, helping me to justify the approach I was proposing.

Thanks, Alex!