Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nothing can separate us

I ended this work week listening to a good friend who's got to the point of not caring whether his business succeeds or fails; he's just tired of it being tough. I then got a message from another guy so frustrated that it's Friday already and he feels like he's still got loads to do. For myself, I'm tired and frustrated that things haven't gone exactly as I'd hoped (when developing complex software they rarely do and I really should know that by now!).

But as I drove home I developed a change in attitude. I thanked God for the heron that flew over; for the pink tree blossom lining the road; even the scent of spring in the air as I sat in traffic on the Interstate...

In a sense nothing had changed; yet in another way, everything was different. As I prayed, the Lord reminded me that the worst that can happen is that He still loves me; and those words from Romans 8 that say that nothing can separate us from His love.

I don't know how people live, still less thrive, without the security of that knowledge and relationship.