Monday, June 15, 2009

Situational Leadership

Barry is not one of those guys you have to close manage to get things done. In fact, the challenge is to stop him working too hard! We were talking this morning about "Situational Leadership" and the importance of changing style based on the maturity of the individual, and their competence or familiarity with the task.

  1. Tell what to do and how to do it (give clear directions, follow-up and feedback)
    when the members of the group are
    • New and inexperienced
    • Have little knowledge or ability
    • Or if they lack confidence

  2. Sell (explain decisions and give opportunities for clarification)
    when the members of the group are
    • Somewhat experienced
    • Need help "buying into" decisions
    • Need coaching about how to do the task
  3. Participate (share ideas, help in decision making, encourage & compliment)
    when the members of the group are
    • Know how to do the job, but lack self-confidence
    • Need to share decision-making with each other and the leader
  4. Delegate (turn over responsibility and allow members to carry out decisions)
    when the members of the group are
    • Quite experienced
    • Capable of doing the job
    • Want to do the job
    • Are responsible for directing their own affairs