Friday, December 3, 2010

MindMap personal profile

A 4-minute intro to me, by video, using the fab iMindMap software from Tony Buzan: learn how to mind map, get the software ... either or both will change your life. Seriously!

Well, I've never tried this as an approach before. Does it work? I ran it past one colleague and his response was immediately to go and buy the iMindMap software for himself and say he was going to copy the idea!

I produced the following script to add to the video as 'Closed Captioning' and I've reproduced it in full here for those who'd rather speed-read:
My name’s Mike Schorah and I’m an entrepreneurial CEO, a bold leader who consistently innovates in the information technology arena so that the organizations with whom I work gain a strategic competitive advantage.

At my core lies inspirational leadership. For example, I worked with a software development team in America that as a result was delivering up to three new software releases each week and with zero bug fixes, which is just astounding.

I’ve been innovative and entrepreneurial in planning so that for example we were able to repurpose assets, to diversify markets and to generate additional sources of revenue after the financial collapse in 2008.

My focus is always on achieving key results and for example I’ve been able to rescue two businesses from loss to operating profit, simply out of cash flow. By holding down cost, increasing revenue, trebling the customer base, achieving a 97% customer retention rate.

And the organizations with whom I’ve worked have been able to cut their costs; and to increase their revenue; at the same time we’ve been able to lock in clients and lock out competitors, to strengthen the positioning of the business.

I have a strong focus on negotiation so that we both win and for example I turned what otherwise would have been a completely failed project into something that had a higher gross profit margin than the original and with a satisfied client as a result.

I’ve consistently held a client-oriented focus and that’s because I had a seven year career at IBM where I learned the mantra that the customer is king. And that IBM background has enabled me to consult at the highest levels on strategy, and change and project leadership; and I’m now advising companies on using IT for strategic advantage and developing additional revenue streams.

I have a very strong personal credibility which delivers solid relationships at the most senior levels of global for profit and not for profit as well as NGO sector organizations.

And a great personal integrity and drive. So that for example, I accomplish a considerable workload as I develop ideas into solid action plans.

And in my last post as a pastor or priest in the Church of England I was leading volunteers to pioneer new ways of achieving objectives. And there one of my colleagues identified me as a “strategic thinking diplomat.”

And yet despite that I’m not too proud to clean the loos or make the coffee or do whatever else needs to be done in order to get the job done right now.

In terms of my background, I have a degree from Oxford University and another one from Bristol University in England. And as well as more than three years experience running companies in America, I’ve spent time working in SE Asia as well as Europe where I’m now based.

I do hope that you’ll be able to visit my website where there’s more information and some contact information. And thank you so much for watching this brief presentation.