Friday, December 17, 2010

Why worry about tomorrow?

Why worry about tomorrow when today has enough trouble of its own?

Today's challenge came in the form of rustling noises which we assumed to be the folk next door. Then Cathy looked up in the hallway to see something moving in the hole where the heating pipes disappear up into the ceiling. I feared a rat.

Now the challenge: how do you get your daughter's hamster out of the gap under the floorboards into which it has escaped, without ripping up the floor or ceiling and causing more damage than the animal cost in the first place?

Answer, first make the hole in the ceiling bigger; then get a multi-talented and ever-patient wife to coax the creature out with a chocolate drop.

The hamster's called Coco (after Chanel, and about as attention-seeking). Expect trouble ahead for the 14-year old chief hamster keeper.