Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 qualities of transformational leadership

What are the best traits to look for in a leader?
  • Great leaders have integrity: they say what they mean and do what they say
  • They set clear and unambiguous goals that can be easily understood
  • They clearly communicate a vision that acts as a powerful 'burning imperative'
  • They set a good example that others want to copy
  • They expect the best from the team and set high standards
  • Great leaders are encouraging of those around them, not condemning
  • They recognise good work and good people, and freely give credit where it's due
  • They provide stimulating work that others can engage in creatively
  • They inspire people to see beyond their self interest and focus instead on the team's needs
  • Great leaders are inspirational: difficult to define, but worth working on!
  • Great leaders are great at motivating others
  • Great leaders are trusted
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