Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Business situations need different strategies

Some of us have been working through the different approaches needed in different situations.

'Situational leadership' theory teaches that a good manager should take a different approach with individuals based on how mature they are as workers and how experienced they are in relation to the task or situation they are in.

Similarly, there's no point in trying to treat a business start-up the same way that you'd run an enterprise that has been producing nicely for the last several years and is really just needing to sustain its success with relatively minor modifications.

In fact, be prepared to think through and take decisive action for each of four different scenarios:
  1. Start-up is the entrepreneurial beginning that is common to all
  2. Sustainable success is where everyone would like to get to, and remain
  3. Very often though some degree of re-positioning or realignment is necessary
  4. And, if there's a hiccup, then some degree of turn around and recovery may be required
Which phase is your operation in? What are the different skills and strategies you need to employ?
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