Monday, December 12, 2011

How to create a vision for change

Your vision for change needs to be simple enough for people to grasp and remember.

After all, if it's too complex to grasp it can't be understood and implemented. And if your team needs to go back to notes to remember it then you've added a big barrier of inertia. Most importantly, people need to understand why change is necessary.

To be realistic in your hopes for success
  • Make sure that your proposed change is consistent with the values you want
  • Encapsulate the change in a summary that's ideally just a single, brief, sentence
  • Work with your team to develop a strategy that will bring the vision to being
  • Make sure that your core team can understand the vision and strategy
  • Communicate the vision at every opportunity possible, using different ways to explain or clarify and apply it to specific circumstances so that it doesn't get stale; and so that people who are impacted can more readily grasp what needs to be achieved

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