Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two years ahead of my time?! iPad replaces laptop

Online and mobile presentation company Brainshark, Inc released a survey in September saying that 92% of iPad users already find that it supplements their laptop; while 51% expect it to replace the laptop within two years.

I've (almost) done that already: last week I didn't switch on the Windows device once, though I did do quite a lot on a MacBook Air. However, I almost never travel with a laptop now: the iPad is smaller, lighter and faster to boot. And with Remote Desktop software I can even get at a virtual PC if I need to.

Other amazing stats from Brainshark:

  • When using their device for business, owners say they check work emails (82%), do Web research (72%), use business apps (46%), and view or deliver presentations (74%).

  • Users say the iPad has been a boon for work, making them: More productive – 64%; More successful at their jobs – 1 in 3 (32%); Able to close a deal – 1 in 5 (21%); Able to impress clients – 30%; More connected while traveling – 79%

  • When traveling for business, 89% of iPad owners report using their iPad. Currently, 60% of users say they bring their iPad and laptop with them; more than 1 in 3 (35%) bring just their iPad and leave the laptop at home.

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