Monday, January 20, 2014

Check my maths? Payback in less than 200 operations

Sadly maths is not my strongest point. Can you check my calculations?
With a 58% cost saving this customer will have paid for the iPad and software in much less than 200 data entry operations...
  • One of our customers measured their data input operation at 6 mins/form conventionally; vs 2.5 min with Red Starfish
  • So that’s 10 forms/hour conventionally; 24 forms/hour with Red Starfish.  
  • At their admin cost of £26.50/hour that’s a Data Input processing cost of £2.65 / form conventionally and £1.10 / form with Red Starfish ...
So Red Starfish costs 42% of the conventional approach; or is 58% cheaper!

If they're saving £1.55 every time they do data input via the iPad rather than conventionally then the iPad and software is paid for in rather less than 200 cycles.

Am I right?
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