Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making life easy for customers

We've been thinking this week about  how to make life easier for our customers. The bottom line, for us, is what I believe they call 'empathy' which I take to mean putting myself in another's shoes.

By thinking through the experience from the other's perspective, we hope to design what makes sense to a user rather than to the engineer who built it!

In practice, this means a number of things:

  • No one likes reading manuals, for anything. So we're recording bit-size, function-specific videos.
  • Engineers hate having to re-work stuff so our product design and implementation makes it easy to change the Help content without requiring any time or input from the engineers.
  • As business manager I hate anything that increases costs, so a solution that enables self-service and community support is great!
With strategies like these we can adopt and adapt to the increasing pace of change in the world while giving great service!

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