Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Great marketing I've received

In the past 24 hours I've been on the receiving end of two great examples of social media marketing:

Firstly, Italian Daniele Mauri sent me a message via LinkedIn with some tips on how to improve the search engine ranking of our videos at - His not didn't cost him much more than time, but it certainly impressed me with its usefulness. It makes it likely that I'll recommend him to others; maybe use his services for our own company activities; and I was able to repay the compliment by providing him with a LinkedIn Recommendation.

Secondly, I got a note from a California-based company who'd picked up on one of my earlier blog posts. They want to highlight their app and I thought this was a great example of how to get a positive mention from a blogger:
Hello Mike, 

I am reaching out to you in relation to an article you wrote called My top iPad apps on 2/25/2013 

I work for Centigon Solutions, and our team is socializing our mobile location intelligence platform called GMaps Mobile ( 

I very much enjoyed your list as I have been researching experts who cover top lists of apps for business and enterprise. I wanted to suggest our location intelligence App called GMaps Mobile for consideration as you round up your apps list. 

We are a leading producer of location based visualization for SAP BusinessObjects and have found a way to increase productivity for mobile workers who on on the ground selling, delivering, repairing, and performing other tasks as front-line employees with actionable, location intelligence.

I wanted to invite you to check out GMaps Mobile ( ) and I would certainly be interested to get you on a conference call with our CEO, Ryan Goodman who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in business intelligence, analytics, location intelligence, and enterprise mobility. I hope that you will consider us if in the future for any quotes or references you are still covering this storyline. 

Best Regards, 
Centigon Solutions, Inc.

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