Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Competitive edge by increasing revenue

This is the second step in our four-point approach to securing competitive advantage. Slightly limited in the detail here by those ever-present non-disclosure, non-compete agreements...

However, we've helped clients to discover additional revenue streams; and diversify product lines; and approach new markets, whether segmented by geography, industry vertical or some other differentiator.

One of the key successes has been to combine the 'hunting' style of sales (find one, kill one, skin and eat it) with the 'farming' style (prepare the ground, plant, harvest, plant again). The first approach often brings with it higher per-unit revenue; but the second approach brings consistent, cyclical revenue. A combination of the two gives a great, solid base to plan with (we've experienced 97% customer retention rates and a 700% return on investment), supplemented by higher cash receipts on occasions. Find out more