Friday, February 11, 2011

QR Codes aid interaction

Mike Schorah's VCard linkOld hat in Japan where they've become massively popular. Now, though, they're beginning to find many uses outside tracking of parts through a manufacturing supply chain or providing a link on a billboard ad... They're designed to be read by a phone camera and a bit of software to decode the contents.

QR Codes are now appearing on business cards and can ease and speed interaction:
  • Use one, like I have, to provide a hyperlink to a VCard with further contact details
  • Give people easy access to a Website URL, or a Telephone Number, or Email Address
  • Give the details and location of an event with, say, a Google Maps Location
  • Give your Android visitors simple access to your Wifi Login
  • Provide purchasers with a Paypal Buy Now Link
  • Or, of course, link to Social Media or iTunes or YouTube Video ...
In the real world, QR codes are appearing on business cards, T-shirts, mugs, and other promotional materials. And I've seen examples of QR Code temporary tattoos to give access to an event...

They're easy to create and easy to use: I've embedded my VCard details in the header graphic of this site, for example. Then, you just need some software to read it - and that's built in to most Android phones. (I use Qrafter on my iPhone.)

I've edited the photo of my wife that acts as the 'Lock screen' on my iPhone and placed a small QR Code graphic on the page. I guess I can use that to provide my contact details to others who can photo my iPhone, and I don't even have to login!