Friday, November 2, 2012

#WorkAnywhere - Develop and deploy while travelling

Yesterday I had a really successful trip to London on UK public transport. Well, 'successful' apart from the reflection that it should be illegal to sell unlimited phone talk plans to people who get bored while travelling!

As we pulled out of town very early in the morning I plugged into onboard power and switched on my iPad, tethering it to the mobile data connection of the iPhone.

As we swept through the Cotswold countryside I was able to sign up for a Microsoft Office 365 trial account. This gives my customer a complete, hosted, back-end solution with many, many features; though all we're really interested in right now are the document storage and collaboration features of SharePoint.

Then, I fired up our app on the iPad to drag data fields on to the page and connect them to SharePoint.

Before we arrived in London I'd got a working solution and a happy customer. And not a line of code to write! :)
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