Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy #Thanksgiving

Today is America's Thanksgiving Day holiday. Having lived there for a few years we grew to appreciate the helpful significance of this day along with our many American friends who consistently astonished us with their warm and open hospitality. Our very first Christmas saw friends spontaneously run round and jump with us into our hot tub on Christmas morning, knowing that we were missing family back home; others invited us to dinner in their home each Christmas or Thanksgiving and we were made truly welcome.

It was through these experiences that we learned some of the practical and helpful significance of pausing on the third Thursday in November and taking a day of Thanksgiving.

For many it's an excuse to eat too much; but in the midst of that it's good to focus on what we have rather than, as so often, on what we're lacking.

Today, I'm taking those practices into business as well as my personal life: focusing on what's good and not what I think I want.
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