Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#WorkAnywhere - Rapid application development

This morning I found myself chatting with a customer. They were looking for a way to help their customer who has a problem with asset tracking: computers, printers and other equipment get installed on site then end users apparently pick them up and move them around to other offices, and even different locations. So far as the IT director is concerned it is tantamount to theft!

Within minutes, we'd begun brainstorming a way to capture and track information about these assets. A few minutes later we'd used our software to build a solution. Within an hour we'd got the whole thing working, from scanning a tracking number attached to a device with an iPad or similar; storing the GPS location along with date and other details; and submitting it all to a SharePoint List ... And it only took an hour because we also took the opportunity to teach a new colleague how to do all this.

So my customer colleague is taking this to their client tomorrow. Back in my office I was able to continue to make a couple of tweaks remotely and I know from personal experience we can even do this sort of thing while travelling on the train to London.

It's an astonishingly productive way of working; and I can't wait to produce the cost-benefit analysis!