Thursday, November 8, 2012

Geo-patterning game, anyone? We've got our ducks in a row

Now all four of us have an iPhone we've begun to use the free 'Find my Friends' app.

  • It's really comforting to know our daughter's arrived home or at school.
  • It's really useful to arrange a pick-up when someone's coming home on public transport and needs collecting from a station.
  • It was great (if a little freaky) to get a call from my sister in New York as I walked in front of Buckingham Palace to tell me that my nieces were nearby and could we meet?!

However, we've discovered a new game: we're calling it geo-patterning. Here, for example, is a shot of all four of us yesterday. My wife called it "Ducks in a row."

What other patterns can we and our friends make across the UK landscape?!
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