Friday, June 17, 2011

Entrepreneurs: don't be afraid to share!

I remember learning that Bill Gates was terrified in the early days of Microsoft that, because he had conceived of the potential and scale and innovation of PC operating systems and associated software, that others would somehow steal a march on him.

It's a common trait in entrepreneurs to 'play cards close to the chest' and yet the reverse is what's needed!

Yes, it's counter-intuitive. But the reality is that, if your idea is any good, as an entrepreneur you'll have a huge struggle to get anyone else to see it that way! Entrepreneurs have many qualities, but one is that they're typically so far ahead of the curve in spotting potential that they rarely find others travelling right along side them. You can share your idea until you are blue in the face and most others just won't "get" it, certainly not enough to steal it and run with it. Because most others who are equally visionary are equally busy and just don't have time to do what you're called to do.

So, share away: as an entrepreneur, you can't do it on your own - you need others to grab the vision and help you in pursuit of it. And it takes a lot of discovery before you find others with the skill and attributes necessary to help you achieve success.
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