Friday, June 10, 2011

Still not convinced social media makes a difference?

High profile stories such as Chrysler's Twitter fail are intriguing, even amusing, but they lack the immediate, tangible impact of real numbers. 'All' that happened was the removal of a tweet, an employee and a media agency from the Chrysler account. Within 24 hours. And then a backlash from the Twitterverse against @ChryslerAutos for over-reaction...

There are real numbers in there if you look for them, together with some level of damage to the brand.

But yesterday The Guardian reported a multi-million cut in funding to football group 'Supporters Direct' as a result of controversial, offensive, tweets by their Chief Executive, and his poor response to the critique.

Bottom line: take social media seriously! Think before you post, tweet, Like or link. What might your customers, competitors, regulators and others make of this specific content; and what does the aggregate of all your mini-snippets of social publication reveal about your and your organization's intentions and capabilities?
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