Friday, July 1, 2011

Cloud controversies at #digitalkschelt

Saying It's not all about the Cloud: "Why trust your eggs to someone else's basket? The cloud's not always the right solution, and it's certainly not the only one. No one likes pigeons so Mike Schorah will let the cat loose, arguing the case for the opposition. Cloud computing is risky and costly but many are blind to the dangers."

Sheldon's talking about Mobile Computing and The Cloud: "The world is changing at an incredible rate. The way we interact with technology and, more importantly, information is changing almost daily. With more and more information in (or moving to) the cloud, and more and more choice in terms of devices such as smartphones and tablets we'll look at how one is driving the other, and where this might take us over the next few years."

So, to set up a nice little controversy (I follow Sheldon), what should my points be? DM @MikeSchorah or email me, please! The talk's on 14 July in Cheltenham for those who want to come.
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